Cinnamon And Yogurt As Cure For Diabetes, Cholesterol And Obesity

Cinnamon And Yogurt As Cure For Diabetes, Cholesterol And Obesity

The healing properties of the cinnamon are known from long time ago. Cinnamon is spice which can be purchased in powder but like this is not very usable for consumption, therefore you need to mix it with food or drink. You can mix it with yogurt, the best option. Use yogurt which is low in fat and quality cinnamon in Ceylon.

Cinnamon reduces sugar in blood – The researches have shown that by consumption half a teaspoon cinnamon daily the sugar in blood can be reduced especially to those who have diabetes type 2. Also researches confirmed the positive effect of it to cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Cinnamon is recognized cure for diabetes and cholesterol – it is well known that cinnamon is added in many cakes and sweets but the diabetics should not consume them so their ideal combination is cinnamon and yogurt. You can add fruit by your taste to this mixture or cereal according to your health condition.

Cinnamon and yogurt as diet for losing weight

This diet lasts 10 days:

Every day for breakfast drink 200ml low in fat yogurt combined with 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. You can add cereals, linseed or fruit into the yogurt, by your choice.

Your lunch should be ordinary, usual but do not exaggerate.

For dinner, drink 200ml yogurt mixed with half a teaspoon cinnamon without any ads.

During this diet, you should consume large amounts of water and of course be physically active. The combination of yogurt and cinnamon can be used for face skin care.


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