Cannabis Oil Gave Boy Ability To Speak in Only Two Days

Cannabis Oil Gave Boy Ability To Speak in Only Two Days

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We noticed that he had some weird behavior and he did not speak at all while he was in the hospital. Yahoo News was informed by his father Abiel Santiago. However, we had to wait until he turned 3 years and cancer free to see what is the problem with his behavior.

His parents did a cram course to learn themselves on autism. After a several years spent in different therapies and medications, his parents finally found real potency and potential – they finally found the hope for their child – CBD oil.

They actually received a bottle of this powerful oil through a fundraising program. The boy was taking 2 oral doses per day.

Kales was finally able to speak within just 2 days. He started saying the vowels for the first time in the school. The emotions were astonishing. We heard his voice, first time in our lives.

After a short period of time, he started using consonants, some phrases etc. I am not aware how to thank to the makers of CBD oil.

This case is yet another evidence for supporting marijuana and cannabis oil legalization. Please Share This Article With As Many as Possible! It will definitely help Someone in Need!

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