The Benefits of Laurel for Health

The Benefits of Laurel for Health

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It is normal that both men and women seek their well-being and the best way to do it is definitely through nature, in this sense it is good to know the benefits offered by the different herbs that exist, this time you will know the laurel we will be talking about Of its benefits.


The laurel is an herb that is possibly in your kitchen, it is generally used to give them their flavor to different dishes, its taste so particular and pleasant manages to give a great touch to different dishes, that is why at the gastronomic level is widely used, However, there are few who know this herb as a medicinal plant, in this post we will be talking about the wonders that it can offer your body, so keep reading.


Although few people know that laurel can be used in natural medicine, we invite you to discover with us its wonders.

This aromatic plant is a very leafy tree, whose scientific name is “Laurus nobilis”, is very common to find it in areas where the climate is cool and humid, its origin is Mediterranean and is characterized by having beautiful dark green leaves with a bark Brown.

Besides its peculiar flavor and pleasant aroma, this plant can help us:

-Increase energy by avoiding exhaustion and chronic fatigue.
-Promotes mental health.
-It helps to improve and maintain memory.
-It is ideal for treating cystitis.
-Helps relieve and decrease the frequency of muscle cramps.
-It fights pre – menstrual symptoms.
-Ideal for treating headaches and migraines.
-It serves as a treatment for arthritis.
-Helps prevent depressive moods.
-It helps to improve sciatic nerve problems.
-It is ideal as a treatment for skin infections.
-Decreases muscle weakness.
-Serves as a treatment for urethritis.
-Improves flatulence and prevents bloating.
-It works as a diuretic as it helps to eliminate fluid retention.
-Avoid sleeping disorders, such as snoring and sleep apnea.
-Fight the otitis.
-It works as a muscle relaxant and the central nervous system as it improves muscle and nerve contractures.
-Promotes the health of the digestive system and respiratory system.
-It helps treat diseases such as cold bronchitis, flu and is excellent as an expectorant.
-It promotes blood circulation and can be used as an antibiotic and antirheumatic.

Therapies and remedies with laurel leaves:

–Thanks to its special aroma, with the laurel you can perform aromatherapy, I could serve to purify the environment, repel insects and mosquitoes and help improve relaxation and prevent attacks of anxiety or distress, as well as promote vitality.

–For massage the oil can be used to promote circulation and improve lymphatic drainage.

–Can be used to treat nervous tics or muscle stiffness.

–You can improve your snoring by placing a few drops of the oil on your chest, you will be impressed by the change.

–It is ideal to combat crises of crying, vomiting, fears and anxiety attacks in children, for it only three drops of oil should be placed in a flavoring, this has a relaxing effect.

–It can be taken in an infusion this allows to take advantage of all its benefits, to prepare it just put on the stove a pan with 200 ml of water, when boiling, place two bay leaves and turn it off, cover the pan and let stand for 10 Minutes.

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