Eating These Nuts Every Day Reduces The Risk Of Breast, Colon and Prostate Cancer, Studies Show

Eating These Nuts Every Day Reduces The Risk Of Breast, Colon and Prostate Cancer, Studies Show

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Cancer almost always strikes its victims by surprise. Nobody can see it coming and rarely can we do something to prevent it. Surprisingly, research shows that it can be prevented in the majority of cases, if you know how to treat yourself. Environmental and dietary factors influence about one to two thirds of cancer cases, and knowing this should enable us to do something about our life choices. If we have plant-based diets, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy body weight we can reduce the risk of cancer by 30%-40%.


Walnuts, which are known for its cardiovascular benefits, can successfully prevent and even treat several different types of cancer. Eating just a couple of walnuts a day, according to recent research, can slow down potential cancerous tumor growths. New research shows that the omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts can reduce inflammation which causes colon and prostate cancer, while previous studies showed that it effectively slows down breast cancer.

Several studies which were conducted on mice show the amazing benefits of eating walnuts. In the first study mice were injected with cancer cells. They allowed the tumors to grow during which period half of the mice were eating a diet rich in walnuts (the human equivalent of two ounces daily), and the other half got a corn oil diet.

Breast tumor cells were growing 80% slower in the mice who ate walnuts compared to those who ate corn oil.

Another experiment, part of the same study, mice which had a genetic disposition to cancer were given the same treatment. One group ate a walnuts based diet while the other a corn oil based one. Again, the group of mice who ate walnuts had a 40% reduced chances to develop cancer.

Both experiments proved that the mice which ate walnuts regularly have 10 times more omega 3 fatty acids which protect them from inflammations.

What exactly is it in a walnut that has this effect on our organism?

Walnuts are rich in a number of compounds which have anti-cancer properties. Alpha-linolenic acids and beta sitosterols stop the proliferation of cancer cells and boost their self-destruction while gamma tocopherol plays an active role against tumor blood vessels growth. Walnuts are the richest source of these compounds. They also contain polyphenols which increase the level of antioxidants in the blood and reduce DNA damage. DNA damage is known to be the first step in cancer development. Scientists believe that the synergistic intertwining of these nutrients gives walnuts their beneficial effect and protects us from cancer and metastasis.

Try to include these healthy and nutritious nuts in your everyday meals; they may very well be a life-saver. Even if you’re not convinced, try it out, they are beneficial for your overall health. Soon you’ll see the amazing results.


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