With The Infusion of Lettuce, Stress Cures, Insomnia and More

With The Infusion of Lettuce, Stress Cures, Insomnia and More

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To cure the stress, it turns out to be sometimes difficult because the day to day and the daily routine is full of complications and in the world today is lived in a very fast way, it is normal and very frequent that this rhythm of life does not allow us to see how This disease is ending our health and youth without even realizing that we suffer.


This disease is the most popular in recent times and can trigger not only fatigue and mental fatigue, but can be the main cause of other diseases, such as gastritis, alopecia, skin diseases, hormonal disorders and in general can cause The malfunction of almost any organ of our body.


Healing stress has become a priority for many people who are affected by his health, unfortunately it is not easy to handle in today’s world, we will show you how to do it naturally, read on and find out how.

Stress is a state through which the body passes in which certain hormones are secreted that allow us to react in a way out of the ordinary, this state can be beneficial in certain occasions because they can move us to perform actions that could even save our lives .

On the other hand it also has its negative part, because it can generate irritability, tension, fears and other states that do not allow us to act correctly, this definitely leads us to think that the only way to cure stress is learning to handle it, But first of all it is vital to know how to identify that we suffer from stress, so if you suffer from the following symptoms are likely to suffer from this evil:

-Change in the way you act.
-Physical and mental exhaustion.
-Lack of concentration.
-Loss of appetite.
-Pain in the muscles and head.
-State of anxiety, anguish and fear.
-Sleep disorders.
-Uncontrollable anger.
-Pain in the stomach.

If you are facing these symptoms we recommend the following remedy or natural therapy that will help you heal the stress, not to let it affect your life:

Natural Remedy to Cure Stress

To prepare this remedy you will need the following ingredients:

-A teaspoon of orange blossoms.
-Half a kilo of lettuce.

In a bowl of hot water put the teaspoon of flowers of chance and sit down to breathe this smell that comes off, on the other hand put in a pan a liter of water with half a kilo of lettuce and bring to the fire until boiling for about 5 Minutes, let stand and consume this lettuce water during the day, will help you to stay calm and serene.

On the other hand we recommend the consumption of fruits like mandarin, this food is ideal to keep our nervous system in perfect balance, like celery, so do not hesitate to include them in your daily diet, in the same way we recommend you Perform some physical activity outdoors, this will help you to forget your worries.

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