Natural Treatments to Improve Blood Circulation and End Up With Cold Limbs at Night.

Natural Treatments to Improve Blood Circulation and End Up With Cold Limbs at Night.

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To improve blood circulation must be well hydrated, avoid excess salt, eat foods low in cholesterol, etc. It is a very common condition but can be treated effectively through natural ingredients.


At present it is common to find people affected by poor blood circulation. This occurs when the blood has trouble flowing into the blood vessels , manifesting as cooling or numbness in the extremities. Have cold hands and feet is an everyday condition in modern people. We are many people who need to improve poor circulation.

Symptoms often appear for a very simple reason: we have reduced O2 levels in the body cells. And why do we experience these symptoms? Because cold extremities are a sign of insufficient blood flow and thus a lower supply of oxygen.

By making a few simple changes in our life we can make the blood circulate better for our body and that we feel in an optimal state of health. To improve blood circulation we have to pay attention to diet and exercise but also there are some home remedies that can help blood flow better.

Natural methods to improve blood circulation.


It helps to improve blood circulation for its stimulant properties of circulation, vasodilator, venotónicas, anti-coagulant and anti-inflammatory properties , which make it a perfect partner for our cardiovascular system. Ginkgo biloba contains substances such as ginkolides that prevent the activation of platelets and with it the blood coagulation, very useful this in people with tendency to suffer clots that can lead to an obstruction of the arteries.


It is one of the best remedies to improve blood circulation to tone up the arteries and capillaries blood. This property is attributed to its wealth in aesculina and aescin, two components that have the ability to prevent the formation of edema and increase the resistance of blood vessels.


Among its properties to improve blood circulation it should be noted that this is an ingredient that helps dilate blood vessels, the blood does not clot and prevents the buildup of plaque in the arteries, thus reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. To take advantage of these properties simply include in your meals a clove of garlic. Another way to use it is to make a bath of warm water and garlic. You can also soak your feet so that the blood in your legs is activated.


Regular consumption of ginger help prevent blood clots , prevent atherosclerosis and reduce the risk of heart disease , this is due to its high content of zingerona and gingeroles that help raise body temperature. You can make a bath with ginger root to improve blood circulation , it is to mix one quart of ground ginger root with two liters of hot water and then enter the affected limbs (hands, legs or feet).


Because of its high content of capsaicin cayenne pepper you have the ability to activate and stimulate the cardiovascular system , helping to markedly reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels . It also collaborates effectively to reduce the chances of atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries causing even more problems to the entire circulatory system. It helps to improve blood circulation and reduces symptoms such as tingling in the legs, headache, etc.


Fish oil is extracted from fish tissues such as mackerel, tuna, salmon, among others. One of the most important components are fatty acids Omega 3. These are beneficial for health, reduce swelling of legs, feet and hands, help maintain low levels of harmful cholesterol, reduces joint pain, reduces risk heart disease and helps improve blood circulation .


Hydrate the body also help improve blood circulation and metabolism speeding promoting the elimination of fats and reducing bad cholesterol. It also aids digestion, eliminates waste from the body and provides a regular supply of minerals.


Mix the same amount of rosemary, ginger and cinnamon essential oil in a bowl and massage hands, legs and feet with the product. Massages with essential oils in the affected areas will cause the capillaries to expand helping blood to circulate normally. Also it gives feeling of warmth in the massaged areas.

Some tips for improving blood circulation …

-Drink water, natural juices or green tea.
-Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
-Practice exercises: walking, swimming, cycling or aerobics. With 30 minutes of exercise a day will help to improve blood circulation.
-Avoid eating foods with high salt (sodium) content.
-Add pineapple, ginger, rosemary, parsley, cinnamon, celery in your diet.
-Avoid eating foods high in saturated fat.
-Make a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and vegetables.

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