Top 8 skincare New Year Resolutions for 2017!

Top 8 skincare New Year Resolutions for 2017!

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You have probably made your New Year Resolutions to get into shape in 2017. Now how about making some resolutions for a great skin?


We are well into the New Year and we’re pretty sure you have been hitting the gym every single day since January 1. And while we kinda empathise with your sore muscles and want to pat you on your back for the valiant effort of getting to the end of Week One of 2017 we cannot help but wonder if you’ve ever given any thought to your skin. Skincare may not necessarily be on the top of your mind right now, what with you pumping iron in the gym and all. But how about you also pay some attention to your kin in the New Year? Suruchi Puri is a consultant dermatologist and the director at Medi Makeovers and she has suggested these skincare resolutions to the folks over at IANS.

1. I will clean my makeup brushes

We cannot imagine just why you’d want to use unclean makeup brushes on your skin. So if you, unlike us, haven’t been very particular about cleaning up those brushes, we suggest you start doing it now! Clean your brushes once every week especially if you are using them often. Brushes are like any other tools; they attract bacteria and that in turn can lead to a lot of skin problems. Surely you don’t need that!

2. I will research before buying any product

Ah! How often do we fall for those glitzy advertisements that entice us with those soft focus and glamorous shots of picture-perfect models? How about you start your New Year by resolving to actually do some research before you buy the product that is being endorsed by the biggest celebs in the country?

3. I will not ignore the rest of my body

Ever so often we are focused on our face and almost always forget the rest of our body. Sure, you need to bate regularly in a tropical country like ours. But also ensure you scrub and moisturise regularly. And once every fortnight get that body massage you’ve always wanted to get. Your body will thank you this New Year.

4. I will stick to one beauty routine

Any beauty routine will need at least five to six weeks to show its effects. The key is to keep at it and not lose your patience and change the treatment midway. Don’t also experiment with multiple beauty routines simultaneously. You will end up doing your skin more harm than good.

5. I will consult a dermatologist regularly

A dermatologist is like a dentist: you never visit one till things totally get out of hand. This year, resolve to see your dermatologist regularly. If you don’t have a dermatologist, get one! A good dermatologist won’t just suggest the correct products and treatments but will also alert you to your skin problems long before they become visible.

6. I won’t starve my face

Even the oiliest skin needs a moisturiser. Just like you don’t starve your body, this year, resolve that you won’t starve your skin. Ensure you moisturise your skin every five to six hours a day if you have dry or semi-dry skin. If you have normal skin, moisturise it at least twice a day.

7. I will clean up after the gym

Losing weight is important, yes. But taking care of your skin is just as important after the gym. If you don’t shower immediately after a workout, wipe your neck, face and back soon after the class and change your clothes. And then shower as soon as you get home.

8. I will not touch my face unnecessarily

How often do you find yourself touching you face for no reason at all? Our fingers, no matter how often we wash them, always have some amount of dirt that invariably gets transferred to our face and leads to breakouts. Now, why would you want that?


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