5 Signs That Warn Of A Damaged Kidney and That You Should Not Ignore

5 Signs That Warn Of A Damaged Kidney and That You Should Not Ignore

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The kidney is an organ that is responsible for performing the most important tasks in the body, for this reason when they are damaged or sick, Our body makes it see why it affects health in general.

Today we will show you which are the 5 most important notices to realize that you are having a serious problem to the kidney and that these warnings can help you to take precaution in advance which will save your life.


Any kidney disease that is happening to you will be very important what the details of the symptoms are, in order to be able to identify the problem and thus take precaution and go to the solution. The damaged kidney generates serious problems to our health and for this reason always must be very important that you are alert to any signal.

Generally, kidney diseases and kidney damage can be caused by bad eating habits.

We must not forget that the signs of the damaged kidney may be due to another disease of greater severity. So that you can identify and be very aware of anything that may be affecting the kidney directly or indirectly here you will know the 5 most important signs that identify a kidney in trouble.


The main functionalities of the kidneys is to remove toxins from the blood. When you have a kidney problem, these toxins accumulate in the bloodstream thus causing problems of rash on the skin or constant dryness and itching.

This is one of the most important signs of a present kidney problem
Do not try to solve this problem with utopian creams as they can cause more damage to health.


Back pain is yet another sign of a diseased kidney. Most of the pains begin to appear in the lower back, when the pain expands from one place to another, it means that both kidneys are affected.

The clearest example is when we get up from bed we feel intense pain in the lower back and that when we go to urinate to the bathroom the pains are passed. It is normal also at the time of urination, annoy or hurt the action itself in case you have kidney damage.


Through the urine, the kidneys eliminate the toxins from our body and this is why when our organs fail they are usually noticed at the time of going to the bathroom.

Some changes we have when urinating for kidney damage problems are:

– Pale urine and large amounts
– Dark urine and small amounts
– Pressure or difficulty when urinating
– Urine with blood
– Sparingly or bubbly urine


This is another sign of a diseased kidney.
When the kidneys are not working the right way, the function of eliminating accumulated waste in our body, these can be stored in other areas of the body, as it is on the face, ankles, hands, feet and other areas .


Erythropexycetin is a hormone produced by the kidneys and it is responsible for sending oxygen to the blood. When we have kidney problems, the production of this hormone decreases and along with it also the red blood cells decrease, which can cause problems to our immune system causing us, fatigue, anemia, etc.

What causes kidney damage?

The main cause of the damaged or diseased kidney is heavy metals called cadmium, which is found in the combustion of coal, oil and municipal waste, and this when inhaled can cause kidney damage.

Smokers inhale twice as much cadmium. That those who do not smoke.

Improve kidney function:

-Avoid Smoking
-Consume daily unsweetened blueberry juice
-Consume parsley daily in infusions or food
-do exercise
-Always avoid environments where there may be cadmium

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