Home Remedies To Relieve Discomfort Or Prevent It From Appearing Bunions

Home Remedies To Relieve Discomfort Or Prevent It From Appearing Bunions

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Bunions are deformations of the joints of the small toe and the big toe, this joint should be straight, but in this case it angles and forms a protuberance next to the bone.

Bunions are more common in women than in men, and they commonly occur after age 30 and on both feet. They are usually very painful and it is difficult to walk in the normal way. It is also an aesthetic problem.

This often occurs because of the use of very narrow footwear, high heels, obesity suffered or overweight, although it also affects the way of treading and is often hereditary, when the mother has suffered from bunions is possible that in 65% of the Possibility of having them.


-Callus skin Inflammation
-Redness of the area
-Pain when walking

Formation of hardness on the skin near the bunion.

The big toe rotates in the direction of the other fingers and can even mount the second finger.


Foot bath with salt:

In a bowl add warm water, a tablespoon of salt and then dip the feet leaving them for 20 minutes.

Lavender oil:

Massage the bunion gently every night before bed with this oil, this has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Hot water:

Apply compresses of hot water on the bunion.

Make foot bath with infusion of 50 grams of flax seeds, 30 grams of marshmallow and 50 grams of comfrey major, all this in a liter of water.


Consume calcium, vitamin A, C and D to make bones stronger.
Have a proper weight to avoid obesity.

Use spacers to reduce the pressure exerted by the other fingers on the bunion. They are made with a handful of cotton.

Wear wide-tipped footwear that is flexible and soft material.

Avoid compressing your fingers with shoes that do not fit well or are narrow.

It is advisable not to operate the bunions, it is better to correct the position of the foot or change the footwear.

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